Teacher’s Toolkit: Forms, Lists and Templates

Teacher's Toolkit: Forms, Lists and Templates - thehandyhedgehog.wordpress.comBelow are free teacher templates, lists and forms you can use to keep your special needs classroom organised. Many of these classroom tools I did not realise I would need, until I began working in a special needs classroom, and found out just how much information you begin to collect! Sometimes I felt so overwhelmed by paper, and could never find that little note I wrote about the Occupational Therapist’s visit.


Teacher's Tookit: Ultimate Teacher's Go Bag checklist - thehandyhedgehog.wordpress.com
FREE!!! Ultimate Teacher’s Go Bag checklist
Teacher's Toolkit: Birthday Calendar - thehandyhedgehog.wordpress.com
FREE!!! Birthday Calendar (editable)
Teacher's Toolkit: Class Lists - thehandyhedgehog.wordpress.com
FREE!!! Class Lists (Split year & Boys / Girls)
Teacher's Toolkit: Events Calendar - thehandyhedgehog.wordpress.com
FREE!!!! Events Calendar (Australian celebrations – editable)
Teacher's Toolkit: External Agencies records  thehandyhedgehog.wordpress.com
FREE!!! External Agencies records (OT, Speech, Psychologist and more… editable)
Teacher's Toolkit: IEP at a Glance - thehandyhedgehog.wordpress.com
FREE!!! IEP at a Glance              (editable)
Teacher's Toolkit: Parent Contact List and Log - thehandyhedgehog.wordpress.com
FREE!!! Parent Contact list and Communication Log
Teacher's Toolkit: Parent Information Package - thehandyhedgehog.wordpress.com
FREE!!! Parent Information Package (requires editing to suit your class)
Teacher's Toolkit: Staff Contact List - thehandyhedgehog.wordpress.com
FREE!!! Staff Contact List          (editable)
Teacher's Toolkit: Transport Information - thehandyhedgehog.wordpress.com
FREE!!! Transport Information
Teacher's Toolkit: Factions Class List - thehandyhedgehog.wordpress.com
FREE!!! Factions Class List























Most of these Free teaching templates are editable and downloaded in Word Document format. If you require any other file type or are having difficulty please comment below and I will try to help you.


One thought on “Teacher’s Toolkit: Forms, Lists and Templates

  1. Hi, came across your youtube video just today….very happy about that…..your advice and resources will be invaluable to me….I have been a regular classroom teacher for 18 years and a special education teacher (resource, learning disabilities and academic learning center) these last 12 years. This will be my first year in a high needs class where I will have 5 autistic students to care for with the assistance of several TA’s. If you have any more advice or resources I should be aware of, please let me know. I am in Nova Scotia, Canada.


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