The Ultimate Teacher’s Go-Bag

The Ultimate Teacher's Go-Bag - the

I take my teacher’s Go-Bag everywhere I go with my class, or individual students. It began as a plastic rubbish bag – with wipes, gloves and a pull-up. These were the first basics I realised we needed if we were out of the classroom and needed to change one of my students. As the year progressed, I gradually added more items to the Go-Bag and began to see more benefits and uses my bag covered.

The Ultimate Go-Bag is now used for short walks, outings or activities out of the classroom, school tours, and emergency evacuations. Below is a list of items in my Ultimate Go-Bag, which fits the needs of my class (Special Needs, ASD). However, it can be modified to suit any teacher’s needs.

Classroom / School infoUltimate Teacher's Go-Bag: Classroom information file -

  • List of students with any medical information and parent contact numbers
  • Map of school with evacuation routes
  • Quick CPR and seizure guides

First Aid

  • Any medication needed for studentsUltimate Teacher's Go-Bag: First Aid Kit -
  • Well stocked first aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Spray on plaster (some of my students won’t allow band-aids to be applied or will take them off immediately)

Personal HygieneUltimate Teacher's Go-Bag: Personal Hygiene items -

  • Gloves
  • Pull ups
  • Wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tissues
  • 2 Small garbage bags

Communication systems / Sensory needsUltimate Teacher's Go-Bag: Communication systems, Sensory needs -

  • PECS symbols
  • Visual or object timetable
  • Chewy toys
  • Sensory hand mit or fabric squares – I have a student who requires these when they become upset or have a meltdown. Each child is different, but consider what your children need if they have a meltdown.

Other handy items:Ultimate Teacher's Go-Bag: Handy items -

  • Your mobile phone!!!!! I take this with me everywhere, and my SNA’s will take theirs too. I have used my mobile on a number of occasions to contact the school, and my SNA’s when we have become separated.
  • High Visibility Vest
  • Hair ties, clips, safety pins.
  • Whistle – to get students or groups attention quickly.
  • Long life muesli bar – Always be conscious of food allergies! Having a small nutritious snack packed can be very useful if a staff or student becomes hungry or has low blood sugar.
  • Pen, marker, small notepad – Useful for labeling students items, or writing down events or incidents for future reference.
  • Mini water bottle
  • Story Stones bag – (For a more able students) – Again another compact entertaining activity
  • Packet of Balloons – Compact emergency activity –  I find this useful because it is small, and can be brought out when my kiddies need entertaining when required to wait somewhere.

Click HERE for a pdf printable checklist of The Ultimate Teacher’s Go-Bag.

I am always gathering ideas, and would love to hear what you have in your Go-Bags!


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