Home time!!!

How I imagine my ‘home time routine’, and the reality of the mad ‘home time rush’ is quite different.

My current ‘home time’ routine…

“Is that the time? Quick kids, coats on bags on. Let me put that on for you… and out the door we go!”

Clearly, this is NOT what you want in any classroom, particularly a special needs classroom for students with Autism who need time, preparation, routine and a strong focus on independence and social skills training.

So here’s my ideal home time routine, and my this remains my goal:

  1. Clean up, tidy up song.                      
  2. Then home time song            
  3. Read social story of goodbye to individual, group of students.
  4. Then goodbye farewells. verbal, signal, pictorials, eye contact
  5. students collect own bags, coats (with prompting and support)

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